Here’s what’s new recently in ComfyUI.

Here’s the link to the previous update in case you missed it.

New Nodes

FreeU: An implementation of FreeU: Free Lunch in Diffusion U-Net. The node can be found in the _for_testing category. The default options on the node are the suggested settings for SD2.1. To decrease the chaos in the image/increase contrast increase b1 and b2 and decrease s1 and s2. b1/b2 have stronger effects than s1/s2. You should play around with the values and see what works the best for your favorite model and type of image.

LatentAdd, LatentSubtract and LatentMultiply: These new nodes can be found in latent->advanced. They can be used to add the values of two latents together, subtract them or multiply the values of a latent by a number. Interestingly it looks like multiplying a latent by -1 can be used to invert the colors of an image in latent space. I implemented them more for experimental reasons than practical reasons.


Lora weights are now converted on the GPU when possible so they should apply faster.

ImageScale related nodes can now use lanczos.

Added support for controlnet models that are a different architecture from the base one.

Dynamic Thresholding now works on ComfyUI.

CushyStudio an interesting frontend for ComfyUI that lets you code workflows is back in active development.

ComfyUI is now on RunDiffusion, this is a paid service to run stable diffusion in the cloud but they seem to have put effort into supporting ComfyUI.