Here’s what’s new recently in ComfyUI.

Here’s the link to the previous update in case you missed it.

Not many new features this week but I’m working on a few things that are not yet ready for release.

Model Merging

There are two new model merging nodes:

ModelSubtract: (model1 - model2) * multiplier

ModelAdd: model1 + model2

They can be used to replicate the “add difference” model merging function present in other UIs.

As a reminder Models can be merged on the fly in ComfyUI in an extremely efficient way. See this page for some examples including one with the new nodes.

New Sampler: DDPM

Gives outputs that are extremely close to euler_ancestral.

A simple prompt generator for ComfyUI utilizing ExLlama

New Krita plugin that uses ComfyUI