Here’s what’s new recently in ComfyUI.

Here’s the link to the previous update in case you missed it.

I have not written an update for a while and this is because most of the changes have been fixing bugs, improving memory usage/performance and cleaning up/refactoring (breaking) things to make it easier to implement future models from both the community and stability.

SSD-1B support

A model distilled from SDXL that claims to be “the same quality” as SDXL however they removed all the middle transformers which means consistency is going to be worse even if the “quality” is similar. It’s an interesting model that you should give a try because the unet is asymmetric so I went ahead and implemented it.

Download the checkpoint from here, put it in the models/checkpoints folder and use it like a regular checkpoint with the Load Checkpoint node.

Here’s a semi complex workflow using SSD-1B as a first pass model and WD1.5 as the second pass to generate the ComfyUI mascot in an autumn scenery:

Yes this is a webp file and ComfyUI can load workflows from webp files now. A node to save them is coming soon.

Hypertile node

Hypertile a method of tiling the self attention of the upper layers to speed up sampling at the cost of consistency has been implemented as _for_testing->HyperTile, max_depth controls which layers it is applied to, 0 meaning only the toppest layer, 1 meaning the top two layers and so on.

FreeU V2

The authors of FreeU updated it, this update has been implemented as a FreeU_V2 node that can be found in _for_testing->FreeU_V2

New Save nodes

You can now save VAEs and CLIP models to standalone files with the VAESave and CLIPSave nodes.

UI stuff

Node templates can now be imported and exported. Saving a template: Select nodes -> right click canvas -> Save Selected as Template Using a template: Right click on canvas -> Node templates.

Alt-C can now be used to collapse/uncollapse nodes.

You can now add nodes to a group by: Select nodes -> right click on canvas -> Add selected nodes to group.